Rummy QuiddlerRummy Quiddler

Recently, I played Quiddler® for the first time. Cool game. Quiddler presents an interesting take on word-play; short words tend to be prized. However, after playing 2 rounds, I was already trying to figure out how to enhance game-play.

Here are my "Rummy Quiddler" rules:

  • Start with 2 Quiddler decks;
  • Every game starts with 11 cards;
  • A single card can be picked up from the stockpile, or, from the discard pile, a single card - or all of them - can be picked up;
  • If you run out of cards during a turn, pick up 7 cards from the stockpile (not the discard pile) on your next turn;
  • Words can be "shown" at any time it's your turn;
  • When the stockpile is depleted and there is more than 1 card in the discard pile, the discard pile is shuffled and turned over to become the refreshed stockpile;
  • Like some forms of Rummy, Canasta, etc., opposing players can substitute cards within shown words during their turn;
  • Game play is complete when everyone has played all cards possible;
  • A possible scoring alternative to reward longer words would be to provide say, face-value for words of 3 or fewer cards, double points for words of 4-5 cards, triple points for words of 6-8 cards, and so on;
  • Final play discard is not required.

Most other rules of Rummy or Canasta (or any of their variants) should be applied.

Enjoy! cool

[update 24 August 2015] Well, I finally managed to get in a game of "Rummy Quiddler". After an hour and a half of play, my friend and I wound up each having a "J" left over. Here are all 234 played and 2 discarded cards (mouse-over for info on obscured words in lower-right):

(Words not readily visible near the bottom right: "QUAGMIRE", "SAXAPHONE" (didn't notice till after, this is misspelled), "WAITING", "SUNDAY", "MIRED")

PS Though I suspect it doesn't mean as much as we thought at the time, my first two words were "RABID" and "COITUS".