A New WayA New Way


I'm a (neo?) democratic capital-socialist (this assignation may be altered based on feedback, changing my mind - for what may appear at times, unfathomable reasons, and perhaps whimsy).

I believe: A stable society can exist which ensures that the well-being of all participants is upheld through provisioning by a capitalist-like incentivised environment.

I do not pretend to have all the answers. However, collectively we do have all the answers. That's the whole idea. Collaborate on what provides the most positive, sustainable results for the greatest number of people.

Note: This may sound a lot like humanism; I'm specifically pursuing this without formally investigating this to see if something viable can be obtained without relying on existing preconceptions. I.e. What can we conceive (of) now? Perhaps more with instinct and intuition, rather than with academia and studies.

Rationale: Current (at least in developed nations) social and cultural norms are utterly dominated by power (monetary) concerns. The purpose here is to shift the focus from accumulation of power to (provide a) focus on the ongoing development and well-being of people.

You want to contribute? Current circumstances suggest I place restrictions on how contributions are made here. If you are sincere in your desire to participate in this endeavor, contact me with your full name (optional and will never be made public here), a username you'd like to use, and the email address to be associated with that username.