The sky is purpleThe sky is purple

First, Happy New Year!

Second, I require proof that the Tooth Fairy does not exist.

Anyone over the age of 6 insists the Tooth Fairy is fictional - unless perhaps they're in need of remedial schooling - and parents who - more than likely - should join them there.

If I say the sky is - on average - purple, most of those still hanging around would put forth their best endeavor to ensure I get the above-suggested remedial schooling - and/or checked for bad wiring.

It appears to be a generally well-accepted practice to have those who make statements about something to actually put up (proof) - or shut up. Why is it then that - at least in the western culture I'm most familiar with - most tolerate the question "prove that god (or God, as some like to label him/her/it) does not exist"? As with any other statements of belief, the onus is on the believer to provide proof - just like the onus is on me to prove the Tooth Fairy exists.


((cough)) The sky is often

((cough)) The sky is often purple, at dawn or dusk or sunset.  But good point.

Yeah, perhaps, but please do

Yeah, perhaps, but please do provide proof the tooth fairy doesn't exist. Smile